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The “Key” numbers: (I have them in specific order as each relates to the next)

Club Path; Face Angle; Face to Path

  • Club Path– the path of your swing- from in to out or out to in- Think of it as the way your shoulders move before, at, and post-impact
  • Face Angle– what direction the club face is pointing at impact
  • Face to Path– is a formula of the 2 numbers.  THE GOAL IS AS CLOSE TO 0.00 with all 3 numbers.
  • Negative is left; Positive is right.  The closer to 0.00 is the goal.  Club Path and Face angle are measurements from TM.  
    • a negative path with a positive face will result in a fade/ slice 
    • a positive path with a negative face will result in a draw/ hook.
    • 70 % of the starting line of the golf ball is dictated by face angle at impact

Club Speed; Ball Speed; Smash Factor

  • Club Speed– how fast is the clubhead traveling at impact
  • Ball Speed– how fast the ball is coming off the clubface at impact
  • Smash Factor– Ball speed/ club speed.  The higher the number, the more EFFICIENT  you are through impact.  A 3-centimeter off-center hit at 90 mph club speed will result in a shorter yardage shot and a lower Smash Factor number than an 82 mph dead-center hit.

Carry; Total; Side Total

  • Carry– how far the ball carries in the air (in yards) Use this for all irons.
  • Total– how far the ball rolled out to (in yards) Look at this number for longer, less lofted clubs like hybrid, 3, 5, 7 woods, and especially Driver.
  • Side Total– in feet and inches, how far left or right of the center line did the ball end up

Attack Angle; Low Point; Dyn. Loft; Spin Rate; Curve

  • Attack Angle– measured in degrees- what are your shoulders doing- going down towards the ball at impact or working upwards before impact.  Negative impact of about -3.0 is desired for most irons; +2.0 is desired for most driver swings
  • Low Point– measured in inches- A= impact with ground AFTER the ball; B= impact or the “low point” is BEFORE the Ball.  Irons -4 is the goal.  Driver + 4 to +5 is the goal.  
  • Dyn. Loft– what degree the club you are hitting is being delivered at impact.  In general, you want to deloft an iron 2-3 degrees through impact.  In general, you want to add 2-3 degrees of loft with a driver at impact.
  • Spin Rate– REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT for driver.  Arguably, the most important- too much spin- causes lack of carry and lack of distance.  Too little spin does not get the ball to carry enough, reducing the Total distance.  The “correct” spin rate really depends on club speed, angle of attack, dynamic loft, smash factor, etc.
  • Curve– how much curve measured in feet your ball moves through the air-  the desired goal is under 5 feet depending on the club, but closer to 0 is better than closer to 25 😊