Golf Tips

Our Main Goal at 1 Stop Golf Shop is to help you lower your scores. Our “Golf Tips” section is designed with this in mind. There is so much content online now; some good, some not good, but all instructors who post info online or are giving lessons in person are trying to help their students. Some of this content online, or even posted here, may or may not relate to your game. Our recommendation is to use the info when you need help- don’t try to change your game based on the newest article or tip from your buddy on Sunday morning’s round of golf.

The Golf Tips section is broken out into certain categories.


“Gimmies” are designed to be quick reads- small bite-size pockets of information. Use them when struggling with a particular part of the game. They can be great reminders of the fundamentals passed down from generation to generation.

"Long Bombs"

“Long Bombs” are designed to be longer, more in-depth articles- when you need more in-depth info to change what you are doing that possibly is not working. These articles answer more of the why questions. They are loaded with pictures and links to other videos and info to help you lower your scores.


“Links” are designed to give you access to videos, data, and information that will help you lower your score. We have done the homework. We have culled through thousands of videos and tons of data and pared it down to what we think is some of the most useful info online. We are constantly adding to this library of info, so check back often. We always like suggestions on good videos that you have found- please get in touch with us to share the info you have found to be helpful.